Monday, January 1, 2007

Life is not a subsystem of natural laws

Here is a published article that seems to give a more scientifically detailed account of the idea that information is not created by natural laws, yet is a subsystem of mind, as I have blogged about earlier.

Here is another relevant published article.


Doug said...

You can delete this right away. But I just wanted to say that you blog has become one of my favorites. Great work!

William Bradford said...

You wrote:

As previously stated, information is completely independent of physical or chemical laws. There is no physical or chemical relation to how the units in a code are organized, be it ABCs on a piece of paper or A-C-T-Gs on a string of DNA. It is all up to what the intelligence wanted to communicate or build -- it's up to what he previously had in mind.

If information is independent of natural laws and the product of intelligence (and it is) then ID has a solid foundation and Darwinism is built on the shifting sands of an imaginary construct. ID's core strength is centered around DNA and cellular mechanisms enabling gene expression. That is where experimental hypotheses should be focused.

CJYman said...

Amen to that!

...oops ...

Now I'm just waiting for someone to implicate my argument with religious, pseudoscientific motivations because I said "Amen."