Monday, January 15, 2007

Christianity Kills!?!?!?

I'd like to add that any statement that says that "the Christian religion is responsible for horrible murderous atrocities throught history" is the largest heaping pile of maggot infested BS that I have ever heard!

It is human nature, rather than Christianity which causes people to murder others. People who call themselves Christians have the potential ability to murder and torture others just as well as atheists and vice versa.

However, the real problem begins once we realize that murder is inconsistent with Christian doctrine as expounded by Jesus: "Love your neighbor as yourself." However, since atheism has no doctrine (if it did, it would be a religion), then you may do whatever you please. Murder is neither consistent nor inconsistent with atheism -- it's just a chemical reaction that happens from time to time. If it is within your own self-made moral guidelines to murder others, than by all means why stop yourself? As long as you can get away with it and turn out to be the fittest, you may be starting a new trend in evolutionary development. May the fittest (and his "morality") survive!

[disclaimer: please note sarcasm, however consistent it may be with atheism and materialism, in the last three sentences.]

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