Friday, March 16, 2007

My view of ID verification

One way that ID, as it relates to the universe’s origin, will begin to be verified scientifically is by a model which shows how the universe, or any information processor, can be programmed to produce life (replicating information processors). The discovery of the fine tuning of the universe is the first step toward this.

One way that ID, as it relates to the universe's origin, has begun to be verified is in the understanding that the universe operates as if it where a program resulting from an information processor.

One way that ID, as it relates to biology and evolution, has already been verified is by evolutionary programs which are intelligently and purposefully designed to converge upon a solution to a specific problem, through the process of controlled random searches acting within the parameters of fine tuned information.

The only scientific verification we have of probabilities being overcome in a direction where further information is being created is through designed programs. Thus, evolutionary algorithms (which in our experience must be designed with a goal with which to generate and converge information) are one major verification of ID theory.

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