Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The inspiration for this Blog (part 2)

An interview with the aliens responsible for the signal.

CJYman: Did you create the signal?

Aliens: Not directly.

Cjyman: What do you mean by that?

Aliens: Well, we planned the end product, yet it took some calculations that to mere earthlings would seem to be extremely complex, near impossible.

CJYman: Please do explain ...

Aliens: Well, we had to create a project for our High School science fair. We had read about other projects where you could evolve a program indirectly by forcing it through some preset filters, and we decided to take it one step further ...

CJYman: How did you manage that?

Aliens: Well, we knew we wanted to create a conscious and intelligent program, but how to evolve it was the question.

CJYman: uhuh ...

Aliens: We decided to use radio frequencies as the carrier for the code and the gravitational fields available naturally in your universe as the filters ... to split, recombine, and interfere countless times to evetually create the signal that was picked up on earth.

CJYman: So, the scientists were right then ...

Aliens: Woah, Woah, wait a minute. Hold on ... not so fast. The scientists were right that the creation of the signal by purely unguided means was logically possible. I mean, some of the necessary conditions were actually available, in the form of natural filters, however these conditions are not sufficient to create the ending signal. The signal had to be the right grouping of frequencies to begin with and it had start out at the prefect angle aimed exactly at the right spot at the right gravitational field in order to start everything. We intelligent beings had to provide these conditions. Even after calculating this for 250 years, we still ended up with some errors ...

CJYman: Ya, sorry for interrupting, but there were some errors in the end signal and even some leftover stuff.

Aliens: Well, that's just basically inevitable, because of all the factors involved. These radio mutations, although not perfect, created what we intended in the end.

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